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If you know the basics, using carpet to decorate is a simple design maneuver. The carpet can be the center of attention, or a subtle background. Subtle backgrounds use neutral colors such as grays, beiges, or earth tones. Carpet that makes a statement and stands out will be in striking colors like rich burgundy or deep hunter green.

Furniture plays an important role in the selection of color. Dark furniture made of cherry or dark oak wood, brown suede, or black leather, looks best with carpet light in color that allows furniture to show nicely. Dark carpet and dark furniture provide no contrast. The reverse is true when furniture is light in color. Light furniture should be displayed on a medium or dark carpet.
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Factor in your lifestyle

Pets and children usually dictate the use of darker carpet. Under that situation, keeping the carpet clean is difficult. If a lighter carpet is a necessity, choose a Berber or multicolored carpet.

Other decorative points in a house or room may influence the carpet color choice. A bedspread, fabric on furniture, or window treatments can affect the choice. Beware that basing color on a fixture that is not permanent can cause a choice that is difficult to accent in the future. Consider carpet an investment. It is not as easily changed as disposable items.

To develop color flow in a room, choose different shades of the dominant color in the carpet for accents. For developing color flow throughout a home, duplicate the color that dominates carpet in one room as a border carpet or accent in the next.

Use complementary shades for accents rather than an exact match of a carpet color. That kind of coordination keeps the design from appearing rigid. Complementary shades add interest and soften the décor.

Different light sources change the look of carpet color. Indirect light from a lamp, a chandelier, and natural sunlight provided by a window create different effects. Before selecting a color, use a carpet sample to view the effects during different times of the day.

You can find the perfect carpet for your design scheme in the showrooms at Kemp's Carpet in LaGrange, or Kemp's Dalton West Flooring in Newnan or Peachtree City. Customers from Auburn, AL and Hogansville, Senoia, Fayetteville, LaGrange, Peachtree City, and Newnan, GA, can attest to the fine selection of carpet found in those locations.

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